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Seafood Catering:

Seafood Tower
24 Oysters, 24 Clams, 30 16/20 ct Shrimp, 30 Mussels, 15 Crab Claws, 1 Split Lobster with garnish and sauce - $129.00
Classic Shrimp Cocktail
100 16/20 ct Shrimp with garnish and sauce - $89.00
Mixed Sushi Tray
Mix and match your favorite sushi rolls for this custom order - Market
Seafood Lasagna
Baked in a 12 x 6 pan, comes with shrimp, scallops, and crabmeat. Prepared in Marinara or Alfredo - $39.00
Classic Shrimp Cocktail SMALL
50 16/20 ct Shrimp with garnish and sauce - $49.00
Lil Bits
30 bite size Jumbo lump Crab cakes, 30 bite size Fish Cakes, with garnish and sauce - $99.00
7 Fish
15 mini Jumbo lump Crab Cakes, 1 lb. of Fried Calamari, 1 lb. of Fried Clam Strips, 15 large fried Shrimp, 10 baccala Fritters, 1 lb. of fried Smelts, 15 fried Scallops with garnish and sauce - $129.00
Hot Crab & Shrimp Tray
30 Large fried Shrimp and 30 Large fried Scallops with garnish and sauce - $99.00
Poached Salmon
One side of house cut Salmon, poached and served with garnish and lemon butter dill sauce. (roughly 3.5 lbs.) - $69.00
Seafood Antipasto
Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari, Pulpo, Crabmeat, are placed on a bed of romaine lettuce served with roasted peppers, artichokes and olives all with a lemon vinaigrette - $69.00
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Canadian Lobster mixed with Fussili pasta, Sharp Cheddar and Romano Cheese. Baked in a 12 x 6 pan - $59.00
Steakhouse Sampler
Baked to perfection, 15 of each Clam Casino, Scallops wrapped in bacon and Horseradish Stuffed shrimp with bacon, served with lemon and butter - $119.00
Eggplant Parmesan
Classic Sicilian Eggplant parmesan in a 12 x 6 pan - $59.00

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