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Boat Landing Specials
Jumbo Shrimp

Exotic, Head On Prawns. Great For Grilling!

only $4.99 lb
Fries and Crab Poutine

House Cut Fries with a Creamy Crab Gravy, Bacon and Chives

only $5.99 serving
Fresh Rainbow Trout

Head on, Gourmet Cut. Great for Stuffing and Cooking Whole.

only $5.99 each
Dungeness Crab Clusters

Wild Caught off the Alaska Coast. Get Crackin!

only $7.99 lb
Atlantic Salmon Poke

Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Sushi Rice, Fresh Fruits, Veggies & Seaweed Salad.

only $8.99 each
Shrimp Bahn Mi

With Plump, Grilled & Marinated Shrimp.

only $8.99 lb
Famous Lobster Roll

Fresh & Flavorful Lobster Salad on a Slightly Toasted Roll.

only $10.99 each
Garlic Crabs

Cleaned Maryland Blue Crabs Cooked in Our Specialty Garlic Sauce.

only $15.00 doz
Free Samples

Come in and say hi! We'll offer samples of our famous salads, fresh fish and new specials.